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Tom Heasley "Where the earth meets the sky"
Running time 63mins

10.40 GBP

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Track Listing + MP3s
1. Ground Zero
2. Western Sky
3. Monterey Bay
4. Where the earth meets the sky

1. Ground Zero


Tom Heasley creates beautiful organic ambient music using only a tuba. Sounds impossible? Well, it has to be heard to be believed! The tuba is processed through multi-effects to achieve the desired sound. The textures of sound have a unique quality, with (as you might expect) the tuba sound most noticable at the start of each note. The notes ring out over long distances and morph into delicate atmospheric sounds.

Tom was featured on Radio 3's 'Mixing It' programme 27th August 2004 and in Feb 2002. We can't praise this CD highly enough... it really is a classic.

"Traveling on long dark rays of sound, Tom Heasley ventures to the place Where the Earth Meets the Sky. What makes this expressive journey even more unique is Tom's instrument of choice... Forget "oompah-pah"... these transmogrified tuba sounds spread into never-before-heard panoramas of sonic exploration! Delicious low drones (which rival any synth) seep into Ground Zero (17:02), then expand into layers containing brighter sweeps and warmly spiraling swells of brass. Imagine a wide terrain twisting beneath a cover of undulating streams, fading as evening gradually falls. Sinuous streams perform slow-motion acrobatics in the Western Sky (14:46), moving like cloud formations in vast billowing slurs. In the final moments, a few strands of throat singing slip through. In a darker region, Monterey Bay comes alive... from an uneasy near-silence, animalistic flutters emanate in growling moans and giant-mosquito drones to be subdued by a preternaturally lengthy series of foghornesque blares. Beautiful resonance rises like a mist. A bit of throat singing gives additional texture to the rolling waves which occur Where the Earth Meets the Sky, a rather spooky expanse of organically evolving currents which hovers in a mysterious shroud of sound. Tubular! Extra points to Tom Heasley for bringing something so ordinary-yet-unusual into the ambient arena. "

Review from Ambientrance Magazine, USA.

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