Matthew Florianz 'The Tone T(h)ree.


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Matthew Florianz 'The Tone T(h)ree' 8.95

Tracklist and MP3s
Three Tone
Part 1 [Hi-Fi, Lo-Fi]
Part 2
Part 3 [Hi-Fi, Lo-Fi]
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6 [Hi-Fi, Lo-Fi]
Part 7
Part 8
The Tone T(h)ree
[Hi-Fi, Lo-Fi]

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Album Info
Ths is Matthew Florianz's latest release on HS Recordings. A collection of his older, classic tracks which have been re-mastered for this full length album. Without doubt one of his finest works to date, on a par with Grijsgebied which is often chosen as his best work by his fans.

Deliberately recorded at low volumes the album is at times defeaningly quiet, which serves to draw the listener in to it's atmospheric web. A genuinely beautiful collection of tracks which work together to form a satisfying ensemble. True genius at work!

This is also one of the most accessible ambient albums on the HS label - those famililar with Eno's Shutov Assembly and Apollo albums will no doubt find this album a joy to listen to. It has the perfect balance of old and new ideas - never predictable but always graceful and delicate.

From the artist

recorded in spring of 2000
remastered in fall of 2004

all tracks by Matthew Florianz

The Tone T(h)ree is the 7th full length album I have made. It followed quickly after the release Sprook (album #6). Sprook was finished at the end of 1999 and took several months to make.

The Tone T(h)ree was written and recorded in march of 2000 over the course of four weekends. Sprook had taken a very long time to complete and during this period, some ideas and approaches where left unused. The common factor to these fragments was their reliance on tone clusters. Writting extra music and compiling the available material was a quick process. I had heard Brian Eno's Shutov Ensemble around the same time (my first exposure to his work) and with hindsight, this has had an influence on the creation of this album.

The finished album was released in late 2000 on Mp3.com and was the first album I released online. It caught the attention of Darren Scott of H/S Recordings who has since released all my new albums; Grijsgebied (which followed The Tone T(h)ree) and Three.

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