July 2015

We have launched an iPhone and iPad app for relaxation and meditation, based on our Sonosync music product which has sold thousands of copies on CD. You can now carry it with you everywhere and switch between different speed versions of the music with just a touch:

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Music in time with your resting heartbeat™
The Sonosync® technique allows relaxation music to be created at varying tempos to match the resting heart rate of the listener.
Every subtle beat, echo and harmonic is processed to be in perfect sync.

Triple CD package
In everyday life, most people can achieve a state of extreme relaxation on an occasional basis - and may wonder why they cannot re-create this the next day. The stresses and strains of life, illnesses and long working hours can all interrupt the ability of the body and mind to relax.

The Sonosync® relaxation music CDs are designed to allow a natural state of relaxation to be achieved on a regular and controlled basis. Resting heart-rate measured over several days may have wide variability - a relaxed 50 bpm one day can give way to a stressed 85 bpm the next! Sonosync® helps to target your rate down to the lowest and most relaxed state that you know you can already naturally achieve. Our triple CD pack allows you to choose your own level of relaxation!

Created by Dr Nicholas Webb (PhD from Southampton University's Institute of Sound and Vibration Research). We are proud to launch the first 3 CD release in the Sonosync music series. Learn more on our dedicated site at www.sonosync.com

Disc 1 (for heart rates of 60 - 90+ bpm)
[LO-FI, HI-FI] River bed
[LO-FI, HI-FI] Lake shore
[LO-FI, HI-FI] Ships that sail away for ever
[LO-FI, HI-FI] Woodland heath
[LO-FI, HI-FI] Passing horizon

Disc 2 (for heart rates of 50 to 60 bpm)
[LO-FI, HI-FI] River bed 2
[LO-FI, HI-FI] Lake shore 2
[LO-FI, HI-FI] Ships that sail away for ever 2
[LO-FI, HI-FI] Woodland heath 2
[LO-FI, HI-FI] Passing horizon 2

Disc 3 (for heart rates of 50 bpm or lower)
[LO-FI, HI-FI] River bed 3
[LO-FI, HI-FI] Lake shore 3
[LO-FI, HI-FI] Ships that sail away for ever 3
[LO-FI, HI-FI] Woodland heath 3
[LO-FI, HI-FI] Passing horizon 3

All samples are shortened to around 2 minutes.

Use the links above to listen to MP3 samples. Use 'HI-FI' if you have a broadband connection or 'LO-FI' for modem users. You may wish to 'right click' on the links and choose 'save target as' to save the music to your hard drive.

Relaxation music for the modern generation
We avoid the clichés of other relaxation CDs. The music is guaranteed to be free of whale-song and pan-pipes! Our aim is to prove that relaxation music can be highly effective and genuinely interesting to listen to. The composer is an established ambient artist who has put together 5 Ten-minute+ tracks. Each track is based on atmospheres, textural sounds, real life recordings of natural sounds, subtle echoes, harmonies and beautiful, minimal piano sequences. Each track was recorded separately through the Sonosync® process.

Choose your own level of relaxation
We recommend starting with CD1, which is designed for relaxed heartbeats of 60 to 90 bpm. Usually after a few weeks of listening to this CD, listeners find that they can gain extra relaxation by moving onto CD2 (for 50 to 60 bpm). Once listeners are ready for the ultimate chilled experience then we recommend CD3.

Our trial listeners found significant benefit from this approach and were able to gradually improve their relaxation levels over a period of several weeks. Something which is impossible with a standard 'fixed' relaxation CD.

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Wholesale enquiries? Learn more on our dedicated site at www.sonosync.com

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