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New releases


'Electronic Forest' by Matthew Florianz (a.k.a Liquid Morphine), Joris de Man, Erik t'Sas.

"This gorgeous ambient electronica journey flows eloquently and seamlessly from dark to light, from grandiose to more abstract sections." The best release so far from HS Recordings, in our opinion!
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In stock now. We are the official UK and European distributor for the HS Recordings Label.

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The entire current HS Recordings Label catalogue - including the fantastic new 'Electronic Forest' CD. It's a beaut'... a real winner. Visit our shop

Kent Sparling 'Route Canal Diary'. Beautiful soundscape music from the man who works for 'Skywalker Sound' 'George Lucas' Studios'.

Kent Sparling 'Under New Manna'. A timeless soundscape ambient album

Brannan Lane 'Lost Caverns of Thera'. Endless running water and waterdroplet echoes, reverberating clicks, wailings and thuds of indescribable origin combine to create dark ambient soundscapes, taking the listener on an ominous journey toward unexplored caverns at the deepest of subterranean depths

Wuerden 'Ortlos' - "A fine representation of "isolationism" with a heart, "Ortlos" is like the musical equivalent of an arctic thaw--shimmering and glistening with ambient radiance." Review by Emusic.com electronic editor.

Dark Seeds 'The sowing'. A really dark and mysterious ambient journey into unknown and, frankly quite scary, places.

Banabila 'Spherics' - a combination of beats and ambient textures. A fabulous release from Tone Casualties label.

Holger Czukay 'Good Morning Story' - Ex-Can musician. A great solo album.

Pork Recordings. Dub-Plates from the Lamp vol2 - featuring one of our associated artists Puchi.

Fernnesz 'Field Recordings' - This brings together a range of material Christian Fennesz has contributed to compilations, special projects and film soundtracks between the years 1995 and 2002. Also, for the first time on CD, it includes his debut 12" for Mego, the awesome "Instrument", remastered, and a new track recorded specially for this release, "Good Man". It is his first release since Endless Summer [Mego, 2001] and a prelude to his next studio album, which will be released on Touch in January 2003.

'Star Switch On' Various Artists Touch Records excellent compilation. Featuring Biosphere, Fennesz, Chris Watson etc!

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