'Field Recordings'

Touch Label. "Field Recordings" brings together a range of material Christian Fennesz has contributed to compilations, special projects and film soundtracks between the years 1995 and 2002. Also, for the first time on CD, it includes his debut 12" for Mego, the awesome "Instrument", remastered, and a new track recorded specially for this release, "Good Man". It is his first release since Endless Summer [Mego, 2001] and a prelude to his next studio album.

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Interactive Jukebox

By Christian Cook. Featuring music by Nick Webb.

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Music Videos
by Gemma Lanzo

Soundshapes. Twist the graphics yourself! Featuring the track 'Sun across my eyes' from the album 'Dust and Glass' by FARFIELD.
Contains strobed images.
Abstract video featuring the music 'Ascent' from the album 'Dust and Glass' by FARFIELD.

Lo-fi version or Hi-fi Version
Abstract video featuring the music 'Miles Away' from the album 'Dust and Glass' by FARFIELD

Lo-fi version

Music Video - Album Prevew

by Matthew Florianz

Electronic Forest. Album Preview.

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Openstage. Promotional Video
This video was recorded near the harbour of Rotterdam. Ivo Selder and Matthew Florianz play cymbal and synth offscreen (to the right) providing another layer of ambience to the environment. A car battery was used to power speakers and synthesizer. The three open stage albums where also recorded at this waterway, using a single microphone to capture music and the ambience of the location.


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