Various Artists - Volun

Super compilation on the Monocromatica Label.

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Monocromatica Label

We are very proud to announce a new distribution deal with Portuguese electronica record label - Monocromatica.

We are handling mail-order of their CDs and digital distribution to various online services including Emusic.com, AOL Musicnet, Listen.com / Real.com and others!

CDs available:

Elastic Void 'Elastic Void'
Various Artists 'Volun'

Both come highly recommended. They are very intelligently crafted albums.

Elastic Void 'Elastic Void'
"Elastic Void assimilates and reconfigures various sounds with precision.Opening up the space between the music to allow the sound to get inside you head and play games with it. "
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Various Artists 'Volun'
This is one of the best times for Portuguese music. Volun is risky, and full of creative experimentation. These ten artists represent some of the best in ambient music coming out of Europe today.
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