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Shiva Shakti Groove. CD Album.

Laraaji has been writing and collaborating on ambient music projects since 1979's 'Day of Radiance' album with Brian Eno. These days he is still writing great albums, when he's not running his 'laughter meditation workshops' around the world…

'Shiva Shakti Groove' is a new release on the New York based 'Collective Recordings' label. The music follows on in style in some ways from 'The Way Out is the Way In' (Laraaji's album with turntable artists 'Audio Active'). The sound is similar but a bit more restrained. The beats are more subtle and blend effortlessly with the trademark Laraaji zither sound, whilst Laraaji's infectious laughter is still present on most of the tracks alongside layers of devotional chanting.

The album consists of four tracks: Shiva Bhuti (22.53), Shakti Flow (4.53), Shivaya Namah Ho (22.14) and Shiva Shakti (23.07). The shortest track is instrumental, with chimes / bells and synthesizers. The 3 longer pieces are all structurally similar, with beats and hand drums providing a groove with added layers of zither, chimes, vocal chanting and laughter. The way in which the various sonic elements build up and loop, while subtly changing over the course of the track is reminiscent of work by the late Nusrat Fateh Ali-Khan. Each track is engaging and trance like whilst being emotionally uplifting - there are no moody minor keys on a Laraaji release!

If you have heard previous Laraaji albums or are looking for something uplifting, relaxing, meditational or just plain different to the mass-produced pop surrounding us then you won't be disappointed by this release. The perfect tonic for our stressful world.

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