Kelvin L Smith
'Reclining music'

"expertly produced, superbly realized, and thoroughly captivating." Wind and Wire Review (full review)

Reclining music

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Kelvin L Smith 'Reclining Music'

Tracklist and MP3s:
1. Freshwater
2. Mountain of Light
3. Sonosync ®
4. Aventurine
5. Lonely Longing
6. Foam1
7. Aqua Vitae
8. A New Land
9. Distance
10. Ocean of Milk
11. A Moment Passed

"expertly produced, superbly realized, and thoroughly captivating."

Latest review - Wind and Wire December 2003

From the Farfield Records label, previously known more for music that explores the worlds of dark ambient, found sounds, collage, musique concrete, and other abstractions, comes a most pleasant surprise - a collection of ambient tone poems that are diverse yet unified by a constant sense of calm and repose (as evidenced by the album's appropriate title).

Kelvin L. Smith explores eleven sonic landscapes that cover a subtle assortment of moods and styles, but all of them contained in the ambient universe. The album opens with the nature-enhanced (water trickling and subtle birdsong) 'Freshwater,' which features reverberating bell tones and an occasional strummed zither-like sound. The CD moves forward to the warm assemblage of undulating washes and shimmering synths of 'Mountain of Light.' After that, 'Sonosync 58' floats in amidst the sound of waves gently lapping the shore, soon joined by Mychael Danna-like sparse melancholic piano notes, painting a sadly beautiful portrait of loneliness which is further enhanced by the later addition of luxurious synth strings (again, sounding like Dannaıs work on his brilliant recording Skys).

The CD ends with a song that starts off with nature sounds (bird song) but soon evolves into a sly rhythmic track, kind of like what Jeff Greinke is doing on his latest release (Weather from Another Planet), in that the elements of rhythmic ambient music are combined in a warm and friendly way but flavored with a dash of quirkiness which is thrown into the mix to keep things from slipping into overly 'commercial' waters.

Iıll admit to being shocked when I played Reclining Music the first time. Nick Webb (the man behind the Farfield label) had informed me this was atypical of previous label recordings (ironically, Nick himself composed 'Sonosync 58' on this album). Even given that caveat, I was unprepared for how 'pleasant' this CD is, albeit that doesnıt mean itıs too new agey or mushy. As the liner notes describe it, the CD is 'A collection of cliché free ambient tracks for relaxation. Guaranteed free of whale-song and nose-flutes!' I would add to that description 'expertly produced, superbly realized, and thoroughly captivating.' Fans of minimal electronic keyboard music that still contains some melodic elements will almost certainly enjoy this recording.

Kelvin L. Smith has fashioned a rock-solid collection of ambient tracks. Reclining Music indeed! Time to recline in style, Iıd say! Highly Recommended!


Kelvin's debut CD 'Lapis lazuli' was released to rave reviews in the late 90s on the EMMA label, which was followed up a year later with the follow-up 'Galaxy Gate'. He also featured on a special project CD 'The Sky Goes All The Way Home' which was released world-wide on VoicePrint Records, in company with such artists as Robert Fripp, Rick Wakeman and Biosphere. Kelvin was invited to perform at the annual Vangelis convention in London in 2000 and has recently appeared as a guest on BBC Radio Derby's 3 hour show 'Soundscapes' as a guest of Ashley Franklin.

Press Reviews

'Chilling for Britain'..Stressed out ? Listen to Kelvin L Smith's music at mp3.com. You soon wont be. Its like laying in a Pembrokeshire field. But without the rain or sheep. ('MP3 Magazine' from Future Publishing Nov.2000)

Review and article in 'SEQUENCES' magazine,plus various Synth music catalogues world-wide. Also a guest on BBC Radio Derby's 3 hour show 'Soundscapes' with Ashley Franklin

"One of the best collection's of (ambient) compositions in this style I have heard", Bob Saker-Sequences Magazine no.20

"mentioned him to me as one to look out for.He was right,this is a lovely release....if you are not as relaxed as my cat grizzly after a whole can of Whiskers lying by a warm open fire by now then you are in need of serious medical attention",Dave Law-Synth Music Direct.

"a truly memorable album this turned out to be-ambient space music at its best. Kelvin L Smith sounds American but he comes from Wales and we expect there is much soaring of string laden synths in the valleys.This is cosmic,drifty and quite beautiful in parts. Its not quite celestial but very subtle and,at times understated which gives the whole work an interesting perspective.Recommended", Midas Records.

"LAPIS LAZULI represents the best of 'ambient' in that it is accessible with memorable pieces whilst at the same time satisfying the dream-like medative states that characterise this genre...and the track KIMBERLITE is worth the asking price in itself", Steve Roberts,Sequences Magazine

"this musician from South Wales has come up with an extremly good rhythmic/ambient album",Mick Garlick

"the best thing I have heard since 'Tubular Bells'", John Davies, Poet & Author...."

Kelvin L Smith has composed a jouney, as the saying goes, through time & space, an album which goes deeper after just one play! a concept, a belief, a way of life", Review of 'Galaxy Gate',Sequences Magazine No:22

" Kelvin L Smith's music certainly inspires emotion and I certainly prefer his work to a number of releases within this genre emanating from North America....there is no denying that Kelvin L Smith should gain recognition as an ambient master ".
Synth Music Direct magazine , March 2000.

" Kelvin is here on merit though, his debut album ' Lapis Lazuli ' is a azure of gentle, emotional ambient waves, flowing with beautiful textures, both airy and deep. Claire's story moved Kelvin to compose a piece where he aimed " to recapture the airy uncluttered sky vision gently unfolding...peaceful and serene".

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