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Ganzfeld 'Half-Life Reworked' £6.95

An album consisting entirely of reworkings of tracks from the Ganzfeld album 'Half-Life' by various artists. Original album on H/S Recordings.

Tracklist and MP3s:

1. Come With Me, remixed by u:tama
2. Gravity Bell, remixed by Pamplemousse [or Lo-Fi]
3. Half-Life, remixed by Matthew Florianz [or Lo-Fi]
4. Doppelganger, remixed by Encomiast
5. Silent Running, remixed by Stefan Koopmanschap
6. Kings of the Underworld, remixed by 4m33s
7. Moments of Madness, remixed by HyperEx Machina
8. Half-Life, remixed by ApollyoN
9. New Dawn, remixed by Ganzfeld

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High quality CD-R (silver) in wallet. Colour on-body print and booklet.

Review quotes

"Ganzfeld - Half-Life Reworked. I may be a bit biased. From the moment I first heard Ganzfeld's music, back in the early days of MP3.com, I was hooked. And so I was quite excited that he released half-life on his own label in 2001. A beautiful album including the Ganzfeld-classic Silent Running in an extra long version.

I was honored when I was asked to do a remix of Silent Running for this remix album. I just hope I've done a good enough job for everyone that has a copy of this album. :) For obvious reasons, I won't give an opinion on my own remix, and all comments on this album are based on the 8 other remixes.

The remix album is quite different in nature from the original album. Where the original album was basically "atmospheric downtempo", this remix album has a lot of different styles on one album. All remixers have, though, kept the atmospheric part in some way or another. For instance, U:tama's excellent remix of Come With Me morphs from spacey downtempo into beautiful atmospheric drum 'n' bass. This remix has been made extra special because of the added vocals by Nyx and Averil.

Pamplemousse takes a step back in tempo, and did some wonderful work in the remix of Gravity Bell. A beautiful dreamy ambient track, where the only real rhythm is made by the bassline that plays throughout the track. This remix also sets the tone for the two following remixes, which also offer beautiful ambient. First, there is Matthew Florianz with his remix of Half-Life. People who know Matthew, also know that he can do some awesome work which can linger in your mind long after his albums have stopped playing. This remix offers a good combination of the sounds of Ganzfeld with the beautiful evolution that Matthew always seems to bring with his music. As if the music lives, breathes. Encomiast follows Matthew's lead with his remix of Doppelgänger, which was actually not on the original album but was published on the .net compilation. Beautiful dreamy ambient that slowly evolves. Dark and quite tense though, so clearly different from Matthew's remix, yet also taking you away into some unknown place.

Skipping my own remix, next I come to 4m33s' interpretation of Kings of the Underworld. 4m33s offers a nice downtempo remix in his own recognisable style. A nice clash of two different styles of downtempo music.

Moments of Madness, remixed by HyperEx Machina is a combination of darkness with a very sobering orchestral part. Very beautiful, very filmish. It could easily be part of a filmscore.

The second remix of Half-Life is done by ApollyoN, who is normally known for more dark, atmospheric pieces. His remix though, is quite different. Inspired by Ganzfeld's lightness, he offers a very nice, light ambient track. Beautiful, very dreamy.

The last track on this album is a remix by Ganzfeld himself. He decided to do a new version of New Dawn. Clearly again in that Ganzfeld-style, this version skips the long intro of the original, and instead comes immediately to the point. Both versions have their charm, and it's hard to point out a favorite.

All in all, this remix albums offers a nice variation of styles, and all interpretations are good on their own. By pairing together the ambient and rhythmic tracks and switching between the two different styles, Ganzfeld prevented the album from being split in two, instead offering a nice combination of styles.

I find the original album just slightly more to my liking because the tracks on the original album all have a consistent feeling (of course, because they're all by the same artist there). However, the variation of styles is refreshing, even though all tracks keep a certain 'Ganzfeld-sound' in their tracks.

(posted by Stefan Koopmanschap, 24.01.2004.1.35) "

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