Formaria '8 Shades of Sound'


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Formaria '8 Shades of Sound'. Chillfactor 10 label

9.95 GBP

Tracklist and MP3s
1. Easter Morning [Hi-Fi, Lo-Fi]
2. Flaxen [Hi-Fi, Lo-Fi]
3. Tarra Warra
4. Jewel [Hi-Fi, Lo-Fi]
5. Anode
6. Cornsilk
7. Caspian Sea
8. Mineral Mist
9. Infinity's end [Hi-Fi, Lo-Fi]

The Formaria collaborators are Pete Kelly, Nick Kemp and Mary Whittaker.

Under the pseudonym 'Igneous Flame', UK based ambient artist Pete Kelly has achieved significant critical acclaim and extensive airplay of his ambient material.

Nick Kemp is a spoken word artist, composer and 'unpredictable guitarist', who has also produced a range of material under his own 'Darkness within Darkness' pseudonym.

Mary Whittaker comes from a small logging town in the pacific Northwest USA. She is a classically trained singer. She lends her voice, in raw form, as an instrument to this project.

'8 Shades of Sound' is a studio project produced by Pete Kelly based around Mary Whittakers voice, which was extensively treated, processed and manipulated.

Mary's voice was recorded at 32 bit resolution using high quality valve microphones at Clara Studios, Leeds, UK. Pete Kelly contributed the following guitar textures to the album: 'Crystalline' guitar, 'Brushed-Steel' guitar and 'E-bow' guitar.

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