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Dust and Glass
The edges of everything
Beginning to Freeze

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FARFIELD is UK ambient artist Nick Webb.
He also runs FARFIELD Records as a forum for quality ambient artists worldwide. FARFIELD's 3 albums are 'The edges of everything' , the recent album 'Dust and Glass' and 'Beginning to Freeze'.


FARFIELD. The edges of everything. FARCD01.

The Edges of Everything is a deep and dark soundscape from Farfield, nee Nick Webb. He uses all manner of electronics to mold and manipulate this set. The atmospheric ambience is dense. The eerie samples take it over the edge. This disc is hard to describe and easy to like. The synth riffs are catchy; the samples are interesting; the orchestral passages are dreamy. But the emotional response is somewhere out in left field. there is a response. It is just not overt. The darkness is not scary. The orchestration is not pastoral. The soundscape is not ambiguous. It is ambivalent. This is a masterful sound design. Nick has created a soundscape that goes both ways. That is a rare response!

Reviewed by Jim Brenholts, author of "Tracks Across the Universe: A Chronology of Ambient and Electronic Music" January 2002.

FARFIELD. Dust and Glass. FARCD03.

Nick Webb records under the pseudonym Farfield. "Dust and Glass," his second release, is a true minimalist gem! This is dark experimental minimalism in the Hypnos vein. There are no subtleties here. It is scary ambience, worthy of any Halloween sound design. Nick gathered some strange and exotic - even erotic - samples from around the U.K. (He even has a recording of seven hot air balloon burners. Wow!) The samples form the base of the soundscape. Nick layers his synths and drones on top of the samples. He also layers the samples on top of the synths and drones. The wall of sound is constantly building itself and collapsing into itself. It is reminiscent of a Frippertronics loop. But this is an original artistic triumph! There are similarities to many, derivatives of none. The experimental and manipulated sounds top the project. Nick has not had much, if any, exposure in the U.S.A. This CD promises to change that.

Reviewed by Jim Brenholts, author of "Tracks Across the Universe: A Chronology of Ambient and Electronic Music" November 2001

"Strange, alluring sounds are emanating from the U.K.... from Glastonbury to be more precise... from FARFIELD's Nick Webb to actually pinpoint the source of these lovely sonic enigmas. Simultaneously relax and explore 'the edges of everything', a sublime merger of airy abstraction and hushed tonality. Great stuff! Light tones and softly gritty textures drift through 'exploding snowdunes' which seem to be a hive of continual organic activity....."

"Gorgeously understated instrumental presences are merged with the subdued textures and half-heard entities which float in from 'the edges of everything'. A rightfully earned 9.2 [out of 10] of appreciation for opening my ears to some new ambient variations from a previously unheard source... "

Ambientrance magazine review, September 2000

"This is the first ambient album I've heard in a long time that seems to return to something of the simplicity of Brian Eno's Another Green World and Discrete Music. It is a CD to put on in the early hours of the morning when the world is quiet and still; its quality of gentle insistence invariably gets you focusing inside the texture to tease out the progress of a particular sound or instrument."

Nigel Morgan, Diffusion Magazine, March 2000

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