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FARFIELD - Dust and Glass

Track Listing + MP3s
1. Sun across my eyes
2. Resonance
3. Dust and Glass
4. Ascent (Glastonbury 2000)
5. Spider Before...
6. Balloon Phase
7. Back 1 Time
8. Leap (BBC Mix)
9. Forget to appear
10. Wellhouse Lane
11.Miles away

Real Audio
1. Sun across my eyes
8. Leap (BBC Mix)
11Miles away

Written during the period January 1999 - January 2001 this album is FARFIELD's 2nd album - following on from 1999's (top 10 ambient chart) release 'The edges of everything'. The album consists of 11 distinct ambient tracks (55 mins). Written and produced by Nick Webb with additional ambient guitar by Simon Pope. Sounds from Glastonbury, recorded over the Millennium celebrations, and sounds sourced through 2000-2001 around the UK were used as a means of building background atmospheres.

Featured instruments include electronic strings and textures, piano, electric piano, soundscape sounds, bass and 'found sounds' scanned from the airwaves!

We used 'Nimbus' for our CD production in order to ensure we received the highest quality of printing and packaging. This includes full colour picture disc CDs. 'Dust and Glass' can be mail-ordered direct from us and from Amazon.co.uk

CD Artwork:

'Dust and Glass' CD

Full colour picture disc CD. Running time 55 minutes.

Dark and atmospheric...our recent 'major' CD release. Featured instruments include strings, electronic textures, drums, piano, electric piano, voices scanned from the airwaves, soundscape sounds and ambient guitar. Emusic.com editor's pick September 2001.

"Nick layers his synths and drones on top of the samples. He also layers the samples on top of the synths and drones. The wall of sound is constantly building itself and collapsing into itself. It is reminiscent of a Frippertronics loop. But this is an original artistic triumph! There are similarities to many, derivatives of none. The experimental and manipulated sounds top the project. Nick has not had much, if any, exposure in the U.S.A. This CD promises to change that."

Reviewed by Jim Brenholts, author of "Tracks Across the Universe: A Chronology of Ambient and Electronic Music" November 2001

"Farfield, the project of Glastonbury-born Dr. Nick Webb, is rapidly gaining a reputation in Britain for his darkly minimalist ambient music, which combines the strangest and most unlikely of sounds, with location recordings made on a DAT recorder that he takes with him everywhere. Make no mistake, this is immensely clever stuff. "Dust And Glass" is the second Farfield album, and an eerie and moody collection of twilit soundscapes it certainly is. Its' strength lies in its' sheer ingenuity and uniqueness, and in the wonderful clarity of the component sounds which make up each piece. There's a scattering of percussion here and there, but generally the compositions consist of beautiful chords which float in and out, from wonderfully simple piano and deeply atmospheric synthesiser sounds. The flow and ebb of these compositions is very natural and organic. "

"The very uniqueness of the Farfield sound makes comparison to other peoples' music very difficult. Think of Future Sound Of Londons' "Lifeforms", or some of The Orbs' soundscape outings, but there's a far greater breadth and width to the Farfield compositions, and for this the talented Dr. Webb should be applauded. Having studied acoustics he has a real understanding and mastery of sound, which combined with his significant compositional expertise, has produced one of the most original albums I have heard for some time."

Above review published in 'Avalon' Magazine, Feb/March 2002

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