Apollyon 'Veror Aesik'

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New in stock (November 2004):

Dreaming the Seed 'Liquid Vision'
Spielerei and Mantacoup 'Witchman and Other Pieces'
synl fltr 'Vebra'

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db002 The Circular Ruins : Realm of Possibility

ryhthmic ambient excursions : deep, complex and beautiful

"The term quality electronica is often misused as the positive effects of the music are soon lost, but here is a true find that should satisfy the most demanding of audiophiles." - Philly : Modern Dance magazine

db003 Mutagene : Sleeping Possession
an intriguing blend of dub, ambient, techno, and the orient

"One could think of Plaid, Namlook, Warp or Orb. No need for any resemblance, Mutagene is original enough and a real pearl between the pile of recent releases." Boudisque review

db004 Collection 2 : Moving
mantacoup | carbon boy | the circular ruins | spielerei | saul stokes | psychetropic | env(itre) | makunouchi bento | subradial | vir unis | cyscape

"... features no fillers whatsoever, and is a 100% successful set of gorgeousness." Andy G

db005 The Circular Ruins : Empathy Test
over 60 minutes of new TCR ambient-techno innovations

"... yet another triumph from The Circular Ruins." - DL (SMD)

db006 Saul Stokes : Radiate
Saul Stokes in live concert at San Francisco, 2003. Plus two new studio tracks.

"Radiate is another piece of unique understated brilliance from
the musical mind of Saul Stokes" - Phil Derby 12.99 special

db007 Danny Kreutzfeldt : Counterperipheral
Brooding industrial atmospheres, and deep dubby beats.

db008 Waki : Music for Waki People
Delicate techno grooves and beats.

dataObscura (CDR)
do001 The Circular Ruins : Conjunction
the darker works from 2002-2003

"Either one of these CDs would be an excellent package on its own. As a double CD, this is an awesome set!" - Jim Brenholts

do002 Mantacoup : Equinox

Glitch beats, subtle melodies, and atmospheres

"If you have liked the other Databloem label recordings I would have thought you would like this. It is my favourite so far." David Law

do003 Subradial : Bioloophorm : 1
Deep and haunting beatless soundscapes, with an industrial edge.

"Subradial has crafted a memorable debut; one that would not be out of place with the work of many an ambient master." - Brian Bieniowski

do004 Lammergeyer : Birds of Prey
First in a series of Lammergeyer releases.
Lush, subtle, and exploratory connected soundscapes.

"Like Schulze, this is heady stuff, having a serious feel that isn’t always present in synthesizer music." - Phil Derby 12.99

do005 Lammergeyer : Blue Oasis
Second in a series of Lammergeyer releases.
More high-altitude electronica from the lair of Lammergeyer.
In top 10 ambient recording for 2003 at ElectroAmbient Space.

do006 Kwook : UFO
Delicate rhythms drifting down from another world.

"chill-out mood music containing some distinct high-tech edges" - E-dition #2

do007 Off The Sky : Cold Distances
Very cool, glitchy landscapes from Jason Corder.

do008 Lammergeyer : Borrowed Time
Third in a series of Lammergeyer releases.
New flowing & intriguing electronica from Lammergeyer.

do009 Spielerei : Once Upon a Time
Rhythmical explorations and ambient depths from Dennis Knopper.

do010 Subradial : Bioloophorm : 2
Subterranean atmospheres and beat-driven explorations.
The second Bioloophorm album from Tomasz Szatewicz.

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