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cyberCHUMP 'Abstract Air' 8.95 GBP

Tracklist and MP3s
1. The darkest hour / dawning [Hi-Fi, Lo-Fi]
2. Overlook
The Kursk suite:
3. I. Amniotic world
4. II. The infinite now [Hi-Fi, Lo-Fi]
5. III. Requiem for the Kursk [Hi-Fi, Lo-Fi]
6. Calling
7. Abstract Air [Hi-Fi, Lo-Fi]

Experimental aural sculptures by Mark G. E. and Jim Skeel. This diversion of cyberCHUMP, is an ambient project designed for a late night chill session. Seven non-beat trips create darkly beautiful atmospheric soundscapes. Includes The Kursk Suite; a three-part contemplation on the sinking of the Russian submarine RK-141.


"The approach to atmosphere on this album is very refreshing and intriguing. The combination with different elements and instruments lifts the overall strength of the album to a higher level, and the repetitive and thematic structure on tracks like 'Amniotic World' is strong and focused. Excellent album."


It is a wonderful cd! "The Kursk Suite" is a phenomenal set dedicated to the Russian submarine. Highly recommended!

Jim Brenholts ~ Ambient Visions

Flowing in on a glistening sea of fizziness, The Darkest Hour/Dawning (14:19) spreads across a vaporous expanse, with assorted timbres of rarefied guitar and voice occasionally seeping into its gauzey everdrone. Ripples, tinkles and twirls, oh my... the translucent waveforms of Overlook perform soft, slow-motion acrobatics in the sky.
A potentially morbid theme is rendered in feathery abstractions as three-part The Kursk Suite submerges for nearly 20 minutes of hazily ringing spirals; Amniotic World glows amid a rhythm of softly thumping
blurts, subsequent The Infinite Now goes into deeper and darker, yet still-ethereal waters. Elastic streamers and low pulsations color Requiem for the Kursk (4:32) with more beauty than sadness.

The last of seven, the title track billows in sublimely gentle
cloudmotions, steaming with pretty tonal whiffs, and closing the
56-minute disc with nearly 11 minutes of stunningly sweet stuff!

A beguiling detour from cyberCHUMP's "normal" more-overt output. Just-right amounts of tonality and ephemera make Abstract Air appropriate for superbly soft listening.


This is the third outing for this duo, but the delightful ambient themes are a departure from their normal Electro sound. Mark G E and Jim Skeel have put together a 7 track CD with a difference. Three of the pieces form the Kursk Suite, which graphically displays in the aural sense the tragedy surrounding the sinking of the Russian Submarine. The opening track, The Darkest Hour/Dawning naturally starts very quietly with the
gentle stirring of the deep-water chasms, which gives a distinct feeling of isolation. Overlook is more upbeat with short notes that resemble sonar blips, but does not sound like them. The slow moving moody theme portrays an underlying powerful theme. The first of the suite is entitled Amniotic World with deep notes and loud chord structures to imply the mighty almost regal and certainly untouchable nature of this
mysterious product of creation. The middle section is much quieter and again more traditionally ambient and perhaps remaining bold on the outside, but with a vulnerable section. I could easily become engrossed listenening to The Infinite Now on a pair of headphones in a dimly lit room. The finale of the suite is Requiem For The Kirsk and contains solemn themes. Calling was recorded back in 1985 and so it's interesting
to note that there's no sign of a dated sound. The use of vocal sounds to enhance the mood is alluring. The very mellow title track is one of those rich textured pieces that are a true delight to listen to when you're feeling knackered. Although this is an ambient product, the textures and sound layering produce a dark and very moody feel. This is no lightweight trip into happy melodic tunes for kiddies, but rather a mature, thoughtful and ultimately pleasing album for grown ups.

-Modern Dance

cyberCHUMP is the vessel of Mark G.E. and Jim Skeel and this cd is a collection of "experiments in aural sculpture". Spooky synths ebb and flow on top of a low rumbling drone announcing the beginning of this disc. Far off noises and distant chiming guitar add to the feeling of "The Darkest Hour/Dawning". This track captures that time of night when
one's perceptions strain to comprehend, as darkness gives way to the light of a new day. Next is "Overlook" where guitar and synth weave and churn with each other,with electronic percussion and some far off saxophone. The next three tracks form "The Kursk Suite". Repetitive bass tones form an engine like presence as drones swirl with layers of synth in "The Amniotic World". Very immersive.In the fourth track,"The
Infinate Now",a melancholy bass guitar wanders as metallic wind sounds and mournful synths drift in and out. Next is "Requiem For The Kursk", a gentle, haunting melodic figure with a soaring guitar above a low drone. This three song suite is a fabulous work. "Calling" has wordless chant vocals with a jagged guitar and some splintered keyboard sounds all colliding with each other in a very intriguing composition. "Abstact Air" closes the album, with gentle contemplative keyboards and a wistful synth melody,underpinned by some
tasteful, minimal bass guitar. A feeling of peace and transcendence prevails. cyberCHUMP have fashioned a remarkable, first rate work. The quality of the compositions is strong,sound quality is excellent, and the sequencing of tracks is perfect. This disc is a real gem and fans of darker ambient should definitely seek it out.

-Dodds Wiley on Ambient.us

Jim Skeel: Loops, High & Low Guitars, Treated Guitars, Samples, Machines, Bass, Manipulations, Keyboards, Voice.Mark G. E.: Loops, Altered Keyboards, Bass Keyboards, 5-string Fretless Bass & other treated basses, Effected Accordian, Theremin, Machines, Noises, Voice, Sub-atmosphere, Blips, Bleeps & Tweaks. Jason Todd: Soprano Saxophone. Paul Sadler: Percussion

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