Basque 'Falling Forward', 'Radiate' and 'Basque'.

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Basque: 'Falling Forward', 'Radiate' and 'Basque'

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Customer testimonials

Basque create exceptionally beautiful songs. Think 'Cocteau Twins' at their most minimal, add a touch more atmosphere and intrigue...

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News: Basque CD 'Falling Forward' is currently an Editor's pick on Emusic.com and top of the Ambient charts ahead of Pete Namlook, Future Sound of London etc!

Review quotes:

"What I can tell you is this, Falling Forward is a work of uncompromising beauty and intelligence. It wraps its wings about you, sheltering you within this place of safety and fortifying the spirit for its inevitable re-emergence. In the tradition of Dead Can Dance, and Loreena McKennit, has emerged another voice that is fluent in the language of our inner selves. I can and do recommend Basque's Falling Forward. There's a great deal of choice out there in the marketplace. There is music to entertain, and then there is music that exists for no other purpose than to edify. This is Basque, don't be content until you've shared in this experience."

" They are a band with a mature, quirky and deceptively simple vision, and Falling Forward is definitely a worthy effort. The CD opens on a breathtaking note with "Somefire." Brandt is one of the most creative bassists I've ever heard: I'm reminded of mid-period Robert Fripp taken down an octave. Maryasque's vocalise fills the spaces between his occasional notes like Jon Hassell's trumpet playing on Eno's Ambient albums. From that auspicious beginning, things only get better with Falling Forward."

"only after I gave it a second, serious listen did I realize just how *good* these guys really are. Like Henryk Gorecki or Anton Bruckner, this is subtle stuff. Some critics have called it "ambient," but that is misleading. Ambient music is intended to function as a backdrop and not as a *ding an sich*; Basque's music, on the other hand, demands ... and rewards ... close attention. This one is highly recommended."


Basque - Falling Forward

Tracklist + MP3s

1. Somefire
2. Falling Forward
3. Kamehameha
4. Grey and Green
5. Inheritance
6. In the hollow of your hand
7. Orange Colored Sky

Glass mastered CD. Full colour booklet.


  Basque - Radiate

Tracklist + MP3s

1. Wool and Water
2. Mariposa
3. Chaos
4. Thunder
5. Make me speak
6. Stullerup
7. Ages a whip
8. Aboriginal lullaby
9. The beggars would ride
10. The River is flowing
11. Radiate

Glass mastered CD. Full colour booklet.


Basque - Basque

Tracklist + MP3s

1. Ave Maria
2. 100 degrees
3. Swollen Stranger
4. Let all mortal flesh keep silence
5. Twilight
6. The mountain song
7. Woman in the room
8. Jab

Glass mastered CD. Full colour booklet.

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