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Ashera 'Sextant', 'Enviro' plus other CDs!

We are now stocking all of Ashera's CDs including his new solo album 'Enviro' and collaboration with Brannan Lane 'Sextant', both released late August 2003. This is a long page... don't forget to scroll down for all the CDs and selected reviews :)

Ashera and Brannan Lane 'Sextant'

"Smooth seas do not make skillful sailors." -- African Proverb

"I'm not afraid of storms, for I'm learning how to sail my ship." -- Louisa May Alcott (1832-88), American writer, reformer

NEW collaboration from Brannan Lane and Anthony A Wright exploring celestial navigation, and very large sails.....

Brannan Lane = keyboards, percussion and treatments .

Anthony Wright = keyboards, custom 12 string midi controller.

MP3 files:


Ashera 'Enviro'

Brand new solo album from Ashera.


Ashera 'We Gaia'


Ashera 'Cobalt 144'


Cobalt Friends

Patio Wall
Temple Ritual
Moonlight Tides
Lord Shield Packal
Swimming Cobalt Waters

Ashera 'Colour Glow'

Savannah Mirage
Mist veil
Two Moons
Colour Glow
Music Box
Glowing Wind
Peace One
Colour 11
As Always
Two fFlarian

"... Anthony Asher Wright, under the name Ashera, presents a stunning 77 minutes of ambient atmospheres with We Gaia. Living and recording in Australia, Ashera's latest release is yet another fine and lofty example of what ambient music is and perhaps should be. Meant to be played at lower levels, this album has kept me spellbound for the better part of a week. Each of the 11 tracks on We Gaia are fairly lengthy, the longest clocking in at just over 13 minutes. Though each piece is different, I barely noticed where one cut ended and another began. In my view, this makes the album successful as an ambient release, as it has the ability to stand on its own as non-interfering background music, yet is equally effective when listened to with close and careful scrutiny. I found We Gaia to be firmly rooted in low-key ambience, with an overall down-to-earth feel. Of course, greek mythology holds Gaia as the mother of the earth, so it is no surprise that the album has a somewhat organic texture, while all the while providing ethereal ambient themes. With this recording, I think it would spoil things if I were to review it track by track. This is a whole new world of sound, with familiar elements, but absolutely fresh and original. To compare this album to another ambient release would be terribly difficult because We Gaia is in a class all by itself. To my ears, Ashera is supremely patient with this music, as the progression throughout is slow and perfectly paced. On a personal note, this album is pure ear candy for myself as the influences of ambient legends Harold Budd and Brian Eno can be detected. There are some beautifully subtle vocalizations found on this album, provided chiefly by Caroline Wilson, and on one track by Valerie Willemsem. The track handled by Valerie is the shortest on the album, but it is also one of the most intriguing...her voice is barely above a whisper against the electronics, and the result is downright haunting, but in a very good way. Throughout the album, we also hear heavily processed slide guitar, courtesy of Gary Brown. Those familiar with Harold Budd, Robert Scott Thompson or Steve Reich are going to be mightily impressed with We Gaia. This is a soothing, tranquil masterpiece that must not be overlooked by ambient aficionados as well as those new to the genre. In fact, if this happens to be the first ambient recording you've ever listened to, you are positively on the right track. Ashera is an exciting artist, and hopefully one that's here to stay... JimmyD INSTRUMENTAL WEEKLY"

"The newest release from Ashera featuring heavenly voices, pedal steel guitar and some of the most outstanding traditional ambient passages created today. A must have for ambient music connoisseur" James Jhonson - ambient composer / Zero Music.

"Cobalt 144 is powerful stuff, a delicately overpowering masterwork of perfectly flowing musical ambience. Whatever Ashera is doing, he's certainly doing it right. I award an unprecedented 9.6 for the gorgeous mind-caressing nuances I hear. "David J Opdyke - AMBIENTRANCE
"Colour Glow by Ashera inhabits a wondrous realm of beautiful sonic imagery and gentle synthetic atmospheres. Obviously, a great deal of attention has been devoted to designing each piece to rouse in us different shades of feelings. The tender timbres coaxed from Ashera's synthesizers glow with emotion, the sparse female guest vocals are reassuring and the only deep contrast felt is that between the saturation of benevolent harmonies and the untimely silence at album's end. While this album offers elements of the classic ambient style, Ashera incorporates a cadence in his music and so focus and direction. Colour Glow is electronic music realized through a system of intuition - the technology of the soul. The result is a relaxing, gentle experience with an intonation that will influence the listener in a positive way.

- Chuck van Zyl / STAR'S END

"Add Colour Glow to Ashera's growing list of absolute ambient gems. Even lighter than their predecessors, these new sounds from Australia convey achingly peaceful moods. I'm quite taken as you'll read... Plus, meet Anthony Wright in this month's interview to learn more about these ephemeral sounds. Wafting hazily as its namesake might, savannah mirage seems to be seen/heard from far away; its tones never quite coalesce into anything solid, yet are most lovely to witness, whether they're real or only imagined. Droplets of muffled e-piano notes dribble along the softly swaying curtain of mist veil, a beautiful and nearly-minimalistic wall hanging. Twinkling onto an enshrouded expanse, two moons are constructed of similarly gauzey tonality. Hovering over a shifting bed of light synthdrones, colour glow (13:39) radiates with layered wisps of wordless female croons, an extended lullaby to the heavens. Emitting sparkling, though soft-focus, belltones, music box unfolds a delicate, hazy dreamscape of sparse, muted tinklings. Like some synth-orchestral fluid released into weightlessness, Peace One rolls slowly through space, tumbling in shapeless grandeur. In a similarly ephemeral wash, Colour 11 spreads in all directions, cast with its own hues and tints. Sparse movements and chiming spaciousness give plenty of room for physical and mental relaxation while luxuriant As Always unfolds like a blanket of serenity. A gently ringing vortex surrounds Two fFlarian (2:57) with a plush-yet-metallic sheen. Fingerpainting a rainbow in the warm, sunny skies of Sydney, Colour Glow captivates me with its 9.3-rated ethereality ... but don't take my word for it; listen at the Ashera website. If you've not already treated yourself to Anthony's previous works, please do yourself the favor of checking out Cobalt 144 and Ambient Selections... 3 absolutely gorgeous discs... " by David J Opdyke AMBIENTRANCE

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