Apollyon 'Veror Aesik'

Brand new release on the HS Recordings Label.

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Dallas Simpson 'Sonic Bathing 1' (binaural performances)
3D recordings for headphones - has to be heard to be believed! 2 tracks originally featured on EMIT 2296 and 1197
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Matthew Florianz 'The Tone Three'
In stock! It looks and sounds fantastic. 8.95

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Johann Johannsson 'Viroulega Forestar'
The new Touch records release.

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Sonosync® Triple CD 12.95

Music in time with your resting heartbeat.
In stock!

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EMIT 0004. Various Artists.

Now in stock and ready to ship!

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3 new Databloem CDs in stock

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Ultimae Label. 7 CDs now in stock

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Terra Ambient 'The Gate'
Tribal ambient masterpieces.

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Formaria '8 Shades of Sound'.
An enveloping world of ethereal female vocals and ambient guitar textures. From the Chillfactor 10 label

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cyberCHUMP 'Abstract Air'.
Deep Ambient music. A must for Biosphere fans.

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Florianz, T'sas 'Electronic Forest'

Ambient textures with ethereal female vocals blended into the mix. Our recommended CD for Autumn 2004

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DataBloem and Data Obscura Labels now added

17 releases available! More info
Kent Sparling 'Leaf Spring'

Subtle ambient genius!

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Ultimae Label releases

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Fennesz 'Venice'. Album of the year so far!!!

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Biosphere 'Autour de la lune' now available to order!

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12.49 UK pounds. More info / MP3s soon!

Biosphere and HIA 'Birmingham Frequencies'.
2nd part of the series that started with 'Polar Sequences'. Recommended listening.

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Igneous Flame 'OXANA'
"Pete Kelly is obviously an artist to keep an eye (and ear) on for future greatness. This CD merits my highest recommendation and is sure to place on my "Best of the Year" list for 2004". " Bill Binkelman, Wind and Wire
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ALL SAINTS Label added.
Discounted CDs available while stocks last. All brand new. Eno/Wobble, Harold Budd, Roger Eno, Laraaji and more... to order click here (and select 'Music by Record Label' > 'All Saints Records')
Apollyon Veror Aesik
NEW on the HS Recordings Label. Best ambient release of the year so far.

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New Brannan Lane CDs in stock.

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Spotted Peccary Label added.
We listened to 20 of their releases and picked the best 7... you can be sure that they're absolutely top notch! 9.95 each or various package deals!
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ChillFactor10 label.
New label added. 6 CDs available. Ambient, Surround sound sampler and trance.

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Brian Eno 'Sonora Portraits 1'
CD and book. Featuring some rare Eno music and an interview.
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Hector Zazou 'Sonora Portraits 2'
CD and book.
Featuring a superb selection of tracks with various female vocalists, too many to mention here...
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FARFIELD 'Sonic Entities'

Nick Webb's new solo CD under his 'FARFIELD' moniker! His first since 2001's 'Dust and Glass' CD. Ltd edition features bonus remix track from 'Thin Films'
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Ganzfeld 'Half - Life Reworked'

A remix album featuring a myriad of top-notch tunes from worldwide ambient musicians.

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Brannan Lane 'Escape Velocity'.

This is Brannan's latest solo effort and it's up to his usual high standard. Pure glacial ambient music!
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Zero Ohms and Brannan Lane 'Soundfall to the infinite'
A spectacular collaboration from 2 of ambient's leading lights!
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Various Artists 'Convergent Evolution'
A compilation on the Greenhouse Music label. Featuring Steve Roach, Vir Unis, Vidna Obmana... excellent value for money.
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Biff Johnson 'Reading the Bones'
Now available... an old classic album. Produced by Steve Roach. Check out the samples!

Info and MP3s, Shop (under genre>ambient)
Biosphere and HIA 'Polar Sequences'.
One of the all time great ambient albums.
First released in 1996 as a limited edition on Beyond records it rapidly sold out and has been unavailable for many years.
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Rare EM:T releases now in stock!

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'music by record label > EM:T'

*NEW* Kelvin L Smith 'Reclining music'
Tranquil ambient music.

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NEW: Stream whole album (broadband users)

6 CDs now available including both his new discs 'Sextant' and 'Enviro' plus his back catalogue.
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Matthew Florianz (Liquid Morphine) 'Three'.

Brand new CD from the HS Recordings Label.
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Encomiast 'Espera'

"enveloping, comforting, and subtly organic". The brand new CD release from the 'HS Recordings Label'.

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FARFIELD 'Dust and Glass'
" this is an original artistic triumph! There are similarities to many, derivatives of none" (Jim Brenholts quote)
A dark ambient soundscape journey.
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FARFIELD 'The edges of everything'.
Post club chillout ambient. On CD-R.
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FARFIELD 'Beginning to Freeze'
Available on Emusic.com or as a 'burnt to order' CD-R.

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